TRPA conducts on-going monitoring to inform transportation policy and programs with the goal of providing a successful multi-modal transportation system that appeals to users, supports mobility needs, and decreases dependency on the private automobile. TRPA has been monitoring transportation performance since the early 1970s including traffic counts, travel mode choice, and demographic and air quality trends so that planners can evaluate the Lake Tahoe Region’s transportation system and use best available science to inform policy-making. The 2016 FAST Act requires states and MPOs to develop targets for specific performance measures related to safety, transit, and roadway/bridge conditions. To comply with FAST Act regulations, TRPA has prioritized identifying performance measures and setting targets for transit to help transit agencies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the level of service they provide in Tahoe.

Program Overview

TTD, TRPA, and TART work together in corridor and transit planning. Consistent transit rider surveys and operations data collection help determine the need for additional services and operating hours. Based on reporting requirements, TRPA's Productivity Improvement Program (PIP), and goals outlined in the Regional Transportation Plan, Long Range Transit Master Plan, and each transit agency's Short Range Transit Plans, the Tahoe transit monitoring program is built to track the following: Deadhead Miles and Hours, Ridership, Transit Mode Share, Productivity, On Time Performance, Operating Cost, Farebox Recovery, Rolling Stock, Equipment, Facilities, and Infrastructure. To find out more about these performance measures, take a look at the Tahoe Transit Monitoring Program: Monitoring Protocol.
Monitoring Routes

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TART & TTD Passenger Survey Report (2018 - 2019)
On-board passenger survey report for surveys conducted in Spring 2018, Summer 2018, and Winter 2019. Surveys conducted by Warner Transportation Consulting, Inc.

TART & TTD Passenger Survey Report (2022)
On-board passenger survey report for surveys conducted in Winter 2022 and Summer 2022. Surveys conducted by Warner Transportation Consulting, Inc.

TART 2016 Rider Survey Report
TRPA partners with TART and TTD to conduct periodic rider surveys and other outreach to assess current service and provide recommendations. This report summarizes efforts conducted in 2016 on behalf of TART by LSC Transportation Consultants, Inc.

Monitoring Route List