Program Overview
Cumulative Noise Event Monitoring

Historical monitoring consisted of gathering a single 24-hour sample in various land use areas. Threshold standard attainment status was based on a single sample representing each land use type. In contrast to single-sample historic monitoring, a more comprehensive CNEL monitoring protocol was implemented in 2011. The 2011 monitoring approach was based on recommendations provided by a noise expert (Brown-Buntin Associates 2004). The approach since 2011 monitors the same sites every year for at least seven days during the period of May 15 to October 1. This captures noise levels during the construction season and the busiest tourist seasons. Unusual noise such as lightning strikes and animal sounds are discarded from the data. The mean 24-hour dBA from each day is averaged for the final CNEL at each monitoring location. Decibel levels at night are weighted heavier to account for human’s greater sensitivity to night-time noise.


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